Measuring Guide

Headroom Requirements

The SeceuroGlide series, known for its robust and versatile garage doors, demands specific headroom requirements to ensure a seamless fit and optimal functionality. The headroom is the space needed above the door opening to accommodate the door mechanism when the door is fully open.

Specific Requirements

SeceuroGlide & SeceuroGlide Excel: For openings up to 2500mm in height, a minimum of 300mm headroom is necessary. For doors that exceed 2500mm in height, the headroom requirement increases to 350mm.

SeceuroGlide LT & Manual: Both models require a standard minimum headroom of 300mm, catering to most installation environments without additional modifications.

SeceuroGlide Compact: Specifically designed for spaces with limited headroom, it requires only 205mm for doors up to 2150mm in height, making it an ideal choice for compact areas.

Guide Width Specifications

The guide width is crucial for the door’s operation, influencing the smoothness of movement and stability.

SeceuroGlide Original: Offers a 75mm guide width, extending to 90mm for doors wider than 4600mm.

SeceuroGlide Excel: Consistently uses a 90mm guide width across all door sizes, ensuring uniform performance.

SeceuroGlide LT & Manual: Both models start with a 75mm guide width, which increases to 90mm for doors surpassing the 4600mm width threshold.

SeceuroGlide Compact: Features a narrower 60mm guide width, optimized for its compact design and functionality.

External Door Installation Considerations

When installing the door externally, it’s essential to protect the remote control system from the elements by either placing it inside the garage or in a waterproof enclosure (not included with the door). Additionally, the bottom slat transmitter must be positioned on the door’s internal face to prevent damage from weather exposure or condensation.

SeceuroGlide Excel Specific Restrictions

The SeceuroGlide Excel model comes with particular installation and operational restrictions:

Installation: This door is not available for self-installation and must be installed by a trained professional to ensure safety and functionality.

Internal Fitting: Ideally, the entire door coil should be mounted above the opening. If necessary, an upgraded end plate can be provided at an additional cost for within-opening installations.

External Override & Battery Backup: The Excel model does not support the low-level external override option. In scenarios where the garage door is the only entry point, a battery backup system is mandatory to prevent lockouts.

Considerations for Extreme Weather Conditions

In areas prone to severe weather, such as high winds or extreme temperatures, double doors may experience increased deflection. It is the installer’s responsibility to ensure adequate spacing between the door and the wall to accommodate any potential movement and prevent damage.

The SeceuroGlide series offers a comprehensive range of options to fit various installation needs and preferences, with specific attention to detail in design and operational requirements to ensure durability, security, and ease of use.

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