You can include a range of additional accessories when planning the installation of your roller garage door.

SeceuroGlide Connect

Operate your garage door by making a call from any telephone. Connect+ allows total control of your SeceuroGlide Roller Garage Door via telephone calls and text messages. Save user’s numbers directly into the door and you are able to open and close the door with a simple telephone call.

Allow access to your garage to accept a delivery or for trades men, a simple text message allows you to programme their telephone number and the number of times you would like to gain access to ensure your property is always secure.

SeceuroGlide Connect+

This allows your smartphone to mimic all the functionality of the remote control. SeceuroGlide Connect allows connection through a Wi-Fi router with any terminal using remote access via internet or Ethernet.

SeceuroGlide Connect enable you to use your smart phone like a normal transmitter. A plug and play system allows you to set up the system effortless without the need for specific applications.

No software or application is needed with SeceuroGlide Connect; all you need to use is a Wi-Fi router and internet connection.

Low Level External Override Kit

Compatibility: SeceuroGlide and SeceuroGlide Compact only

The low level external override kit enables the door to be opened manually in emergencies from both the inside and outside of the garage. If the garage door is the only means of entry you will require either the battery backup or the low level external override kit.

Remote Control Keypad

Compatibility: SeceuroGlide and SeceuroGlide Compact only

The remote control key pad provides you with a secure, alternative option for controlling your door. Suitable for external installation, this wireless controller offers convenience without compromising security.

Battery Backup

Compatibility: Available on all electronic models (not available on SeceuroGlide Manual)

A battery backup offers added peace of mind and convenience. All doors are supplied with a manual override as standard but by choosing a battery backup you can continue to operate your door with the remote control in the event of a power failure. For SeceuroGlide Excel, if the garage door is the only means of entry to the garage a battery backup will be required.

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